Friday, February 22, 2013


defined: Habits (or wonts) are routines of behaviour that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously

Seriously "A habit, from the standpoint of psychology, is a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience." Habitual behaviour often goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting it, because a person does not need to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks."

So what do you want to do? live life in semi-auto mode or make the shift to a far more conscious deliberate process of being and doing! 

ie shifting life out of automatic and move to manual drive where by you are making the decisions, consciously and deliberately. 

Moving your life into 
the Brave New World... exercising the most amazing gift ever give to man "freewill". 

Reflectively looking at things; many people whom are saved are still living in the cave of the old man; with many of the grave clothes still bound around them; living life as a "freeman" yet far from being free at all.

Scary isn't it!!

What is this freedom that God obtained at Calvary 

with a cost we could never repay.

I will make this statement "Heaven was not all that was on Gods Mind when he allowed his Son to die on the cross for us." As we consider the moments of man's creation it is clear FREEWILL or the FREEDOM to CHOOSE was of paramount concern to God. Such was this that he would not override the Will of Man to Disobey Gods instruction; hence we have the Adam and Eve saga unfold.

Questions: If God knew they would fall why put the tree there in the first place? 

For me its simply: if the tree is removed we no longer have freewill; our lives are being controlled by this choice being removed from us. 

God created man to be able function by freewill in an adverse and hostile environment if necessary and still be able to follow after God. Compelled by Love not by force or controls. 

So with this in mind surely its Gods will that we shift our life out of Automatic and the subconscious and move our lives into a state of consciousness which enables us to critique what we do and say which creates purposeful intent and order into our doing and being according to the truth of Gods Word. 

Which begins to create a New Outcome a New Direction and a Future which God has intended now on Earth and which is consummated into to eternity when we die or if the Lord returns before so. 

The question has been asked: 
"Why do sane people keep doing the something over and over again and expect different results each time?

Could it be that this way is a sure sign of a life being lived in the automatic subconscious level, where reflect and question are not exercised and choice and change are never implemented.

So I ask is a life lived by Habit "A Bad Habit".

Habitual Relationships "Bad"

You can break up with your bad habits just like you can break up with a bad boyfriend or girlfriend. Bad relationships are one of the hardest habits to break, but if we choose to end them, we can spare ourselves a lot of trouble and pain. 

"Saying No"
There is a two small word but have the potential huge outcomes "No More": why do so many find it hard to use.

Breaking a bad habit relationship is not easy on the emotional part of us, but it's God's desire for us to take authority over our bad habits. He doesn't want us to be "bossed around" by our emotions, He wants us to have victory.

Breaking a bad habit requires making a series of good choices, one after the other

God and You
You can choose to do this our own without the help of Gods Holy Spirit. 

However I would suggest we can make life a whole lot easier on ourselves if we ask Gods to be involved and ask him for his help in doing this.

In fact I'm confident most bad habits we become conscious of will always need the God Factor involved to enable us to break free from it.

Remember our Freedom has been secured by Jesus, however its outworking is never automatic, for life here on earth as its all about freewill you can have it by conscious choice day by day hour by hour. 

Remember what I said before "Breaking a bad habit requires making a series of good choices, one after the other. " and if you get God involved your not alone... and one of the good choices...

by Gary Green
inspired from a Joyce Meyer Devotional reading