Monday, February 25, 2013

Wrong Right Right Wrong

In today’s world of communications, we have moved to a new era of cryptic messages via smstxt or Facebook messenger, twitter or some other comparative online chat networking social media system.

Along with this new way, many younger communicators appear to have abandoned sense & sensibility in what they communicate, via such a public channel, a channel where delete is not deleting, as there will always be a ghost copy available to those whom monitor in a stealth mode all communications.

A friend remarked recently “You know who created Facebook really; I thought for a while then dared to ask who? C.I.A. what better way to develop a data base of humanity which fills in many baseline gaps of background info of people and all made available by the person being spied on and little cost to the intelligence network.

A place where images comments and contacts and even where you frequent are being logged minute by minute as most users now operate smart phones and have their social media apps logged in 24/7.


Once it was just a concept in a Novel. Today it is our reality.
Are you scared! No 
“You should be”

It is really the tip of a huge iceberg, and what is under the line of your vision is far more frightening. What now abides under the grey shaded umbrella of National Security in western world countries “the free world” is no longer free. We have become a policed state by stealth all in the guise of safety and security for the nation. Each nation spying each other friend or perceived enemy; no stone is left unturned, suspicion and mistrust travel behind each handshake.

So true it this way that the USA are obsessed with shutting down wiki leaks a major whistle-blower of global activities being carried out in secret; scary is the pathway of any whistle-blower whom begins the walk on the tightrope of revealing truth to the public. If it is going to hit the pockets of the true holders of wealth and power; you will see a string of events unfold to silence gag and bring down the one proclaiming the truth.

If you have not read the book “ Whistleblowers”  ISBN 07333 05040 BY Quentin Dempster then I would encourage you get a copy and take the time to read what the common pathway will be for any whom seek to have the truth revealed and the public protected from wrong doing.

The battle the crusader of truth and right will endure will be agonizing and the tensions personally and publicly will at times become unbearable, as every conceivable force applied against the crusader. With the express purpose to sanitize the perpetrator of wrong and to ensure what is claim by the crusader as wrong; now be preserved as right.

Ethics determined by perceived situation conditions fails every time as the line of absolute does not exist so right becomes blurred sufficiently that wrong drifts into the line of perceived rights.
In the game plan of Humans this may be perceived as ok and right; the means justifies the ends, is that not what G. W. Bush said post 9/11; the window to Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and CIA Black sites where torture and interrogation and plain old murder where executed. On this premise, “those means justifies the ends”.

This is what happens when a nation begins to conduct its affairs without God, the only person capable of determining right from wrong. The only one who can lay down the true lines of absolutes by which man needs to abide by?

God’s rights and wrongs are not subject to any situations it is a “period and full stop”, so how do we reconcile the conflicts and tensions of His absolutes, as we understand them and recorded biblical events seen in the Old Testament carried out under the direct instructions of God according to scripture.

Question: are there higher laws of God which account for these events.

Let us consider Killing Humans

“Thou shalt not murder”

Yet we clearly see:

Israel’s Army killing in Battle, Killing by way of capital punishment and even killing by way of decree of a city being under the ban of God

In addition, any city that proclaimed as under the Ban meant all belonged to God and Israel was to take no spoils, cattle livestock, slaves or any material Items of any description. In addition, God required that Israel’s Army were to KILL EVERY LIVING THING BEAST or HUMAN. (Man, Woman, Child, Baby EVERYTHING).

We today would call these plain War Crimes requiring the perpetrators brought before a War Crimes Court to be triad and punished accordingly. For the Murder of Innocent Human Beings that where massacred at their hands.

You may now begin to see the complexity of what we are tackling. Gods sets the standard “thou shalt not kill”  yet He’s giving at times instructions to battle occupants of which was not theirs until God said it was to KILL EVERYTHING, an action we today would determine to be plain outright MURDER.

So again, I ask are there Higher Laws of God, which we do not understand but He does, remember there is not shadow of turning in Him; He is Light there is not any variance or wrongs within Him. Nor is He one to Lie unlike man.

God is God and we are Not God!

Without Him, we are desperately Lost and Surely without Hope!

Those that put their trust In Him Shall Not will not put to Shame!