Friday, August 09, 2013


In the keeping power of god

Psalm 91:11 Amplified Bible (AMP)
11 For He will give His angels [especial] charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways [of obedience and service].

A Lady who works for me says that she does not have a “big” testimony.  She grew up in the church, loving God. She got married, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and then came to work for us. Through our ministry, she was moved by the testimonies of drug addicts and people who have suffered abuse. 

One day she asked God, “Lord, why don't I have a testimony?” He said, “You do have a testimony. Your Testimony is that I kept you from all of it.” God had kept her from the pain that results from being separated from Him.

The keeping power of God is a great Testimony! Some people are kept from tragic things, Some people are kept as they go through tragic things. His Plan for each one of us is perfect, and we can trust His keeping power. Psalm 91 teaches that He will give His angels charge over us, and they will protect and defend us. It is true that some things happen in our lives that we do not like, but what has God kept us from that we never knew Satan had planned against us? 

We need to thank God for His keeping Power. 

We can relax knowing that He is our Keeper.

I do not know how I have done what I have done over the past years. I look back at my calendars and see how hard I have worked. I read some of my prayer journals and remember some of the things I have gone through with people, and the hurt I have felt. I think, how did I ever get through that? However, God held me together. He strengthened me. He Kept me. In addition, I can see now I worried about many things I did not have to worry about because they worked out okay anyway. God will do the same thing for you, as you trust Him.

and He is working His plan. We can trust that and relax. Psalm 145: 14 Says, “The Lord upholds all those [of His own] who are falling and raises up all those who are bowed down”

Trust in Him: The Bible says that God never sleeps nor slumbers. When you go to sleep at night, He stays up and watches over you. Relax and trust Him to strengthen you and keep you all the days of your life.

By Joyce Meyer
extracted from "Trusting God day by day 365 Daily Devotional" page 264-265