Thursday, August 22, 2013

VOM Egypt Urgent Prayer 22 Aug 2013

Exclusive update from our contact in Egypt.

Dear Reader

In the last week, there has been a tragic outbreak of violence against Christians in Egypt. After protesting the removal of Mohammed Morsi as president for the past six weeks, members of the Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets in large numbers on 14 August, launching violent attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Christians, as well as the police and military.

I’ve just received an email from our contact in Egypt who reports that he knows of at least 68 churches that have been attacked by members of the Muslim Brotherhood since 14 August. At least 800 people have been killed and over 4,000 injured. They are also targeting Christian-owned businesses and homes as well as convents and monasteries.

“Every day we have more victims,” our contact said. “They are continuing to attack Egyptians everywhere, especially the Christians, and also the police and armed forces. 14 August was a bloody and chaotic day by all means, but we do not believe that violence will resolve anything in the long run.”

He asks Australian Christians, “Please keep praying for Egypt to be set free from the panic of terrorism. And please pray for Christians as they are the most targeted to be attacked.”

The Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement urging the Egyptian government and military to defend Egyptian citizens and to maintain unity in Egypt. They said, “We pray ... for every Egyptian to be a shield to defend the homeland against terrorism and violence. We pray for peace and calm to reign over Egypt.”

Our persecuted brothers and sisters in Egypt urgently need our prayers. Will you join me in taking a few moments to pray for Egypt right now?

Would you also consider sharing this prayer need with your church this Sunday and joining Christians around the world in prayer for Egypt?

I've included some prayer points below to guide you in your prayers.

Thank you & God bless you
John Wilson
Executive Director

Prayer Points
  1. Pray against further outbreaks of violence. Pray that God will bring peace to Egypt.
  2. Ask God to comfort the grieving, heal the injured, and give peace to the frightened.
  3. Pray that Egyptian Christians will be steadfast in their faith and continue to trust Jesus in this difficult time. Pray that they will love their enemies and forgive those who are persecuting them.
  4. Pray the Lord will use this time of violence and unrest to grow His church.

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