Friday, February 28, 2014

You Are Under God's Protection

'He...shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.' Psalm 91:1 NKJV

What is 'the shadow of the Almighty'?

In the wilderness where Israel wandered for forty years, temperatures could get up to 50 or 55 degrees Celsius. There was no shade except what was provided by the tents in which the people lived. So they understood this powerful metaphor, 'under the shadow of the Almighty'. 
If you were lost in the desert the children of Israel would have been required by the law of hospitality to satisfy your need for food, water, protection from an enemy, and shade from the blistering sun.  
It worked like this: 
first you had to find out the chief shepherd's name.  
Then you would take hold of the cord on his tent and cry out for help.  
When you did that, the law of hospitality required him to take you into the safety of his tent. Indeed, that same law said he had to protect you with his very life.
Are you getting the idea? 
God's name, El Shaddai,
describes two wonderful aspects of His character.
'El' speaks of His power and strength
'Shaddai' literally means 'strong-breasted-one', which refers to the gentleness of a nursing mother.  
Some days you have to go to God for the strength needed to withstand the enemy's attack; other days you just need to go to Him and let Him hold you in His arms and comfort you.
John Shairp wrote, 
'Let me no more my comfort draw, from my frail grasp on Thee; in this alone rejoice with awe - Thy mighty grasp of me.
When things get too 'hot' for you, run to 'the shadow of the Almighty'.

Soul Food: 1 Kings 14-15, Matt 17:1-9, Ps 58, Pro 6:12-15

Written by Bob & Debby Gass
Thursday, 27 February 2014
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