Friday, March 29, 2013


This Easter, who cares that Jesus died? 

61.1% do!

Although 22.3 per cent of Australians marked on the 2011 Census that they have 'No Religion' - that's up four per cent from the previous Census - the Census also showed that 61.1 per cent of Australians identify as Christian, a decline of two per cent. {article}

Whats the Big Deal.

Well firstly the bible tells us we are dead in our sins and also called enimies of God; that we before God are lost and without any hope, totally unable to appeasise or pay for our sins and failures. Trapped in a cycle of inherited sin and having a sin nature which can do nothing other than sin, ie miss the mark of doing and being what God had created mankind for.

So the Landscape of mankind "Wretched Lost and with No Hope of Redemption"

Just a thought: Q: what would we do with something like this? I would suggest we would throw it away to be destroyed and start again with a new one.

Well Easter is about: 

"What God Did to rescue Mankind from the Dilema of his Wretched Lost and with No Hope of Redemption Condition."

When we understand our condition before God as being absolutely true and undiniable fact then Caring becomes: