Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Instrument Rated (1)

'...You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures...' Matthew 22:29 NIV

Did you know..
that most small-plane crashes are not caused by mechanical failure, but pilot error?
In most cases the pilot was not instrument rated, so he or she depended on two things which can fail you.

Let's look at each: 

(1) Sight.
As long as the pilots can see roads, bridges and landmarks, they can fly safely. But when the storm comes or the fog locks them in, they're in trouble. 
(2) Senses. 
In aviation terms the problem is called 'vertigo'. If you blindfold a person, sit them in a revolving chair, spin it around for several moments, then stop the chair and ask them in which direction they're spinning, they couldn't tell you with certainty. 
There's a sensitive device in our head that's like a carpenter's level. The force of the spinning sends the 'bubble' as far as it can go to one side. When it can go no further it begins to return - even though the person's still spinning in the same direction.So they have the sensation of stopping and beginning to spin in the opposite direction, but it's only a sensation. 

If they were not blindfolded and could see, they could ignore those sensations and would have no difficulty knowing in which direction they are going. It takes many hours of training in simulated storm conditions to develop the ability to confidently fly by the direction of your instruments and ignore your sensations of vertigo.

Understand this: 
as a child of God you must not be led by your sight or by your senses; you must be led only by the Scriptures.
Soul Food: Jer 36:27 - 40:16, Matt 26:14-25, Ps 25:1-7, Pro 9:17-18

Written by Bob & Debby Gass
Monday, 7 April 2014